Ivory Travertine Eased Edge

    • Ivory Travertine Eased Edge

      Ivory Travertine Copings & Treads

      6″x12″x2″    Tumbled    Bullnose

      12″x24″x2 ” Tumbled    Bullnose

      12″x48″x2″   Brushed   Bullnose

      12″x72″x2″   Brushed   Bullnose

      16″x72″x2″   Brushed   Bullnose

      12″x”48″x2   Brushed Eased Edge

      12″x72″x2    Brushed Eased Edge

      16″x48″x2    Brushed Eased Edge

    • Silver Shadow Eased Edge

      Silver Shadow Copings & Treads

      12″x48″x2 Sandblasted Bullnose

      12″x72″x2 Sandblasted Bullnose

      16″x72″x2 Sandblasted Bullnose

      12″x48″x2 Sandblasted Eased Edge

      12″x72″x2 Sandblasted Eased Edge

      16″x48″x2 Sandblasted Eased Edge

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