Travertine Pavers For Swimming Pools

Travertine Pavers For Swimming Pools

The right outdoor flooring can transform your pool into a true visual masterpiece. It all starts with choosing a quality travertine pavers selection. You can make your favorite choices among Ivory Travertine Pavers, Silver Travertine Pavers, Walnut Travertine Pavers!

Travertine is durable, easily tolerates extreme climatic fluctuations, and incorporates a naturally non-slip texture: of these properties make it unaltered over time and ideal for an environment near water.

In the spring and summer months, the garden and the pool area are the environments that come to life and accompany the family in moments of relaxation and pleasant moments. The floors of the garden and therefore the poolside must therefore have certain properties: additionally, to aesthetics, the floors must be proof against water infiltration, frost, or sudden changes in temperature, abrasion, trampling, atmospheric influences.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a vital artefact. The travertine blocks are obtained by extracting them from the quarries. it’s processed and sized within the factories.

This natural stone is a rock characterized by different composition parts caused by increased sedimentation growth from different aqueous solutions. Therefore, it has a layered structure with prominent regions. Travertine has colors ranging from whitish, yellowish, silvery gray, greenish, amber, brown, or blackish tones. It is very resistant to jamming. It does not freeze; wear resistance is more modest. Easily workable and sensitive to polishing after grouting in the most porous types. Travertine is used for architectural and design elements both indoors and outdoors.

Travertine varieties are widely used in swimming pools. It is important that the pools have an elegant appearance and at the same time harmonize the environment with the pool. An important part of this harmonious aspect is the effect of the travertines. Travertines have a non-slip, crack-proof, and non-deteriorating structure. This allows it to be used comfortably in the pool. You can use these natural stones with peace in many pool environments such as villa pools, indoor and outdoor pools.

Types of Travertine

Ivory Travertine Pavers

Ivory Travertine pavers  is the lightest color available, best described as off-white – with beige and tan.

Silver Travertine Pavers

Is a warm, grey  colored background with bands of litle bit beiege veining  and grey.

Walnut Travertine Pavers

The walnut-colored travertine can be in two different light and dark shades. The light color is a warm brown shade that can also show cream-colored veins. The shades will definitely turn dark brown if it is darker in color. The advantage of walnut is that it is suitable for all types of processing.


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