Marble Pavers


Marble Pavers

Marble Pavers are high quality, durable and resistant to heat and pressure. Marble is a type of limestone that is formed after being exposed to extreme pressure and temperatures.

Being a natural stone, marble remains cool to touch, even on a hot day. It fits well with any style and brings out extraordinary artistic power. The material in question is among the oldest materials that have been used for art and sculpture for millennia. A marble pavers  is a symbol of luxury, grace, and elegance.

The texture of the stone is sandblasted, which provides a non-slippery finish. Pavers are 1.25″ thick and Copings are 2” thick.

Common use of areas: Outdoor pools, pool decks, patios, decorative walls, driveways, stairs and fireplaces
City Stone & Paver exclusively distribute premium quality marble pavers  along with our top selling pavers of Blue Marble sandblasted, River Cloud Sandblasted, Crema Marfil Sandblasted and Silver Shadow Sandblasted . Our marble stones come with veneer stone to match the paver color. Natural veining patterns are unique with each paver

Crema Marfil Sandblasted Pavers

Surrounds your design with a creampuff color that accents every scheme.

Crema Marfil marble, a kind of beige marble. This stone is particularly suitable for outdoor use. It is also an excellent choice for, fountains, pool and wall cladding, and other design projects.

Blue Marble Sandblasted

Is like a grey storm- a bold contrast against sunny skies.

Blue Marble is truly a guarantee of beauty for the edges of the pool. The color in question is elegant and relaxing at the same time, capable of transmitting a pleasant feeling of peace and tranquility.

River Cloud Sandblasted Marble

Is like a white water rapid with a sandy colored vein.

River Cloud Marble is suitable for patio, fountains, swimming pools and stairs, and other design projects.



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